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Take advantage and accelerate your business with Data Model Services

Services by Heed Data Studio

Cloud Analytics Modernization

Boost the capabilities of your organization by establishing a data model that incorporates the remote use of different resources, public or private, and allows data analysis "on demand".  Cloud Analytics facilitates the access, integration, analysis and construction of statistics and indicators to support decision making.

Data Analytics Evaluation (DAE)

With a focus on business strategy, we model the organization's data structure in order to obtain information that supports decision-making at different levels. Data Analytics Evaluation allows you to visualize your data model evaluating the quality of the information and infrastructure (Analytics Maturity) to establish improvement actions that allow you to go to the next level.

Data Analytics Business Performance (DABP)

Improve the performance of your results by generating or restructuring key indicators at different levels: operational, tactical and strategic. Visualize how these indicators contribute to organizational goals and incorporate external variables that give flexibility to your organization and develop plasticity. We develop your Data-driven Decision Making Model and put it into action.

Data Analytics Acceleration (DAA)

Expand your vision by incorporating the  Predictive capabilities of the data model by adding advanced techniques and tools for data mining, forecasting, simulations and machine learning. With Data Analytics Acceleration expand your possibilities and accelerate your growth.

Business Intelligence (BI)

More accessible and interactive information for all organizational levels. Compete in the big leagues with a high-performance data engineering model. Business Intelligence combines inputs from different sources together with structured and unstructured data, strengthening the information that supports decision-making and bringing it closer to all collaborators.  It integrates key elements such as Marketing Models, OLAP, Customer Life Cycle, Statistical and Predictive Models, Interactive Models, Real-time data and Collaborative Capabilities.  Expand the capabilities of your organization and see new possibilities in your Intelligent Dashboard.

Real integration with your business ecosystem.

Give your clients a unique experience with solid pillars to build long-term relationships.

Strengthen a close relationship, discover what they need and how and when they expect to receive it.


Improve the performance of your business and your plastic capacities: flexibility and adaptation.

Incorporate elements that strengthen the importance of your business for the societies with which you interact and of which you are part.

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