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Web Services

Website & e-Commerce. Design and Building.

Website Development


Website design, content generation, building, test, integrations, publication, and maintenance. Organic positioning strategy and monthly report. Description of the business, description of products and/or services up to 20. Refresh with annual renewal (subject to service conditions)

capture the attention of potential customers

Develop a quality website, whose design and content offer a memorable experience for your clients. 

highlight the qualities of your products and services

Tell everyone about the advantages and benefits of your products and services. Develop a consistent story and post on your website.

position your brand

Take care of the aspects that make your brand unique and memorable. It gives a consistent meaning to all the elements that compose it and uses specific techniques for its digital positioning.

enhance your capabilities

Accelerate your sales and growth plans with automated solutions that will allow you to better manage your orders, payments and deliveries. Take advantage of the benefits of technology and take operational control of your business.

generates an experience

With Analytics visualize specific characteristics of your website visitors. Learn when and how they connect, which are the most viewed pages, what are their preferences and generate a unique experience for your customers.  Monetize your goals, see the results and take action.

English Version

Volt Plus EN

Publication of the site in Spanish + English, selection tags, configuration of language tags for search engines, incorporation of metadata and positioning.

Volt plan base conditions.

Web Design
Online store

e-Commerce ONE

Design and construction of the e-commerce platform Pack up to 40 products. Up to 500 monthly transactions.

Online store in English

e-Commerce PLUS EN

e-Commerce plus English version. E-Commerce ONE plan base conditions.

SEO Organic Positioning Strategy


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) configuration for organic positioning, keyword algorithms, search index, metadata configuration, analytics record, setup, and links. Plan Volt base conditions.

PPC. Payment Positioning Strategy 


Payment digital positioning strategy PPC (Pay Per Click).

Setup value does not include advertising payment.


Web Services | e-Commerce | Digital Positioning

Beyond the look & feel

Highlight in the digital world can result in a tough task, a high cost in search engine advertising (PPC: pay per click), a depleted customer database, and a low impact on results.


On many occasions, after publishing your website or online store,  owners and entrepreneurs feel disappointed and shocked in their pockets with very bad sales forecasts and poor results.


To reverse this situation, it is necessary to go a step further, adding value components to your digital strategy, generating a comprehensive 360-degree strategy that allows the development of the potential of the business and the products and services it offers.

Showing is not enough, your potential customers must know what are the reasons why they should prefer your products over those of the competition, making known their essential characteristics and the needs they satisfy, what are the relationships that are generated: satisfied customers, technical qualities, caring for the environment, generation of links with the communities of which your organization is part, which one and what is your value agenda and the organizational pillars on which your products and services are developed.


That robust and comprehensive vision is part of what at Heed 360 we help you achieve. Our digital development strategy based on our concept of plasticity, addresses the construction of your digital image from the technical aspects to the generation of relevant and adaptive content to enhance your business and support your business strategy towards the achievement of your objectives.

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